Precautions when using LNAs


Our LNA products use a micro-USB connector for powering the device. The choice of this connector was based on the popularity of USB and the reasoning that it’s easy to find cell phone chargers. The only negative with this connector is that it is easy to rip them off the board if handled improperly. Once the connector detaches from the board, in most situations, the hardware cannot be repaired.

There are a few precautions that users can take to prevent damage to the board.

  1. When setting up to use the LNA, we recommend connecting the SMA connectors to cables prior to connecting the USB power cable. This is to prevent potentially torquing the board.
  2. Similarly when you’re done using the LNA and if it’s not part of a permanent fixture, detach the USB power cable first and then take the SMA connectors off.
  3. Finally, avoid dangling the LNA with the USB cable while it’s connected.

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2 thoughts on “Precautions when using LNAs

  1. If you are unfortunate enough to detach the micro-usb connector from the board, is their an alternative solder point to connect the cell phone charger to this board. I am aware that the usb connector on the charger would have to be removed to facilitate soldering these 2 wires to the board.

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