Hydrogen Line (1420 MHz) Pre-filtered LNA

Jarek presented his work at the Canada Wide Science Fair on the use of Software-Defined Radio to detect 1420 MHz radio waves from outer space.

In his words “A big problem has been the high cost of radio astronomy equipment with big antennas and expensive hardware. Now with computers and software defined radio there is a new age of amateur radio astronomy growing. My project will aim to demonstrate this low cost radio astronomy”.

Jarek used our 40 dB LNA as a pre-amplifier. Since then we have also introduced a new pre-filtered LNA for this application. You can read more about it here. We also have a version with a built-in Bias Tee.








Airband Filter


A new Airband bandpass filter centered at 128 MHz. The filter has a bandwidth of 20 MHz.  The filter is designed to reject strong signals in the adjacent FM band. Here are the specifications:

Frequency (MHz) Typical Attenuation (dB)
78 43
88 35
98 25
108 10
118 4
120 4
125 4
128 4
138 4
150 11
200 39


The filter is available on Tindie