FM Notch or FM Band Stop Filter

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An FM notch filter is used to reject strong FM signals in receiver applications. A good FM Notch filter will reject FM signals and have low insertion loss for signals outside the band.

This is a 9th order Filter with excellent rejection in the FM band. The filter works up to 3 GHz with minimal out-of-band insertion loss. This product is ideally suited for Ham radio applications and Software-defined radio receivers where typically there is minimal internal filtering. In the absence of a notch filter, FM signals can saturate the receiver. The specifications of this filter are comparable to ones on the market that cost at least twice as much.


Frequency (MHz) Typical Attenuation (dB)
55 1
75 4
80 8
88 60
98 85
108 25
150 0.8
200 0.5
1000 0.3
2000 0.9
3000 1.8

In Japan the FM band extends from 76 to 95 MHz while in North America it spans 88 to 108 MHz.

NOTE: Connectors are SMA-F