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Last updated on March 22, 2022

Our products ship from Canada.

    • For shipments to the USA we use USPS.
    • For international shipments we use PostNL or APC. These services are labeled Economy International.
    • For shipments in Canada we use Canada Post.  

      We ship within 5 business days of receiving your order. This applies to all our shipping methods - Economy, Flat rate, Priority and Standard Shipping. There's a five day handling time for all our shipments.

      We use a local carrier to ship across the US/Canada border for APC and USPS shipments. PostNL shipments are routed to a European distribution centre. 

      It can be a few days before your package is visible in the tracking system.

      Fast Delivery

      As of March 27, 2022 we offer a faster USPS delivery option.

      As of Jan 11, 2022 we now offer a faster UPS delivery option for International customers. Please select the Standard International shipping option at checkout. You will need to provide an email address and phone number for UPS.

      Tracking Number

      If you did not receive a tracking number, please contact us for one. Tracking with APC, PostNL (Economy shipping option) and USPS (Flat rate option) can be inconsistent and inaccurate. For instance, a carrier may skip one or more scans along the way. As a result your package might appear not to have left the destination or it might appear to be stuck in a particular location.

      Tracking with UPS and Fedex tends to be more timely and accurate. If you want better delivery times, we suggest picking the Standard International option at checkout.

      Please note that some browsers do not support the APC tracking page. Try accessing APC with the latest version of Chrome and enable popups.

      Economy Shipping Delivery Times

      During COVID, delivery times vary greatly. Shipping to EU with ordinary post can take between 3-8 weeks depending on where you reside. As well in the age of contactless delivery, many carriers are dropping off notices to tell you where to pick up your package. 

      We ask that you keep an eye on your order and for any notifications from our store.

      Please review the APC service alerts for details about your region.

      Duties and Taxes

      With the exception of shipments to Canada, we don't collect duties and taxes. The buyer is responsible for all taxes and fees associated with customs clearance.

      Shipping Insurance

      All our shipments are insured and you can report an undelivered item depending on where you reside:

      30 days - from last scan or tracking update for US and Canadian shipments

      45 days - from the last scan or tracking update for International shipments

      We do not provide refunds on shipments that cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address, missed pickup, or refusal to pay custom fees and taxes.

      We will not be responsible or refund the purchase price when tracking shows that the package has been delivered to the address.

      Local Pickup  

      We do not have pickup locations.