10 MHz Oscillator TCXO 10 MHz +/- 0.28 ppm TCXO

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This is a high performance TCXO with +/- 0.28 ppm Frequency Stability. The operating temperature range is -40C to +85C. The device can be powered using either of two options: Micro-USB (cellphone) power supply or DC header with a wide input range of +4.3V to +10V. The output is Clipped Sine Wave which has several benefits including low phase noise and lower electromagnetic interference.


Frequency: 10 MHz

Frequency Stability: +/- 0.28 PPM

Frequency Tolerance: +/- 1 PPM

Ageing: +/- 1 PPM Max per year

Phase Noise at 10 kHz offset: -145 dBc/Hz

Output Compatibility: Clipped Sine

Output Drive Capability: 10kohm//10pF

Output Voltage Level (Minimum): 0.8V pk-pk

Max Current Consumption: 5 mA