868 MHz Helium Filter Kit for Miners and Hotspots

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This is a small, cost-effective 867-870 MHz band pass filter with RF adapters for Helium Miners.

The filter has a typical insertion loss of less than 3 dB in the pass band which includes 867, 868, 869 and 870 MHz.

The frequency range of this filter complies with miner frequencies EU868.

This filter has excellent out-of-band rejection specifications. The filter also provides high power handling of up to a maximum +20 dBm with an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C. 

The kit includes two RF adapters to connect to a Helium Miner

NEW: Helium Amplifier




  • Reduction of Radio Frequency interference for Helium Hotspots




867 MHz to 870 MHz

Frequency       Minimum Attenuation

100 MHz               40 dB

800 MHz               30 dB

950 MHz               35 dB


 NEW: Helium Amplifier for EU868