868 MHz, 869 MHz Bandpass Filter Band Pass with 4 MHz Bandwidth

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This is a small, cost-effective band pass filter centered at 869 MHz with a typical insertion loss of less than 3 dB in the pass band which includes 868, 869 and 870 MHz.

This filter has excellent rejection specifications. Rejection at 400 MHz and 950 MHz for instance, is greater than 40 dB and 60 dB, respectively. The filter also provides power handling of up to a maximum +17 dBm and has an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C. 

If you are buying this filter for Helium, you will likely need an SMA connector adapter kit


  • ISM band, Short Range Devices, Industrial Telemetry, Asset Tracking  
  •  LoRa, Helium, Sigfox with an SMA connector adapter kit
  • Rejection of strong signals in Cellular, LTE, UHF and 915 MHz ISM bands
  • In the Lab or out in the Field

 NEW: Helium Amplifier




867 MHz to 870 MHz

Frequency       Typical Attenuation

100 MHz               40 dB

800 MHz               40 dB

950 MHz               50 dB



The filter uses SMA-F PCB edge mount connectors