915 MHz ISM Band Pass Bandpass filter with 26 MHz Bandwidth; +24dBm Max Power

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This is a small, cost-effective band pass filter centred at 915 MHz with a typical insertion loss of 2.5 dB in the pass band 902-928 MHz. This filter has excellent rejection specifications. Rejection at 880 MHz for instance, is typically greater than 40 dB. The filter also provides power handling of up to a maximum +24 dBm and has an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C.

The frequency range of this filter complies with miner frequencies US915 and AU915.

 If you are buying this filter for Helium, you will likely need an SMA connector adapter kit

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  • 915 MHz ISM band applications such as RFID, Industrial monitoring, Automated meter reading, Home security, 33-centimeter (33 cm) amateur radio, etc.
  • LoRa, Helium, Sigfox - with an SMA connector adapter kit
  • Rejection of strong signals in adjacent cellular bands 
  • Filtering in receivers and transmitters 



Frequency       Typical Insertion Loss

DC-800 MHz                  50 dB

800-880 MHz                 40 dB

960-1080 MHz                32 dB

1080-1500 MHz              40 dB

1500-3000 MHz              25 dB



The filter uses SMA-F PCB edge mount connectors.

The filter cannot block or tolerate a DC voltage. It will be damaged if a DC voltage is applied at either the input or output. Some receivers have a Bias Tee that is always On by default. Inserting this filter between such a receiver and the antenna will destroy the filter.