Airband Filtered Low Noise Amplifier with Bias Tee

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This is a small and cost-effective Filtered Low Noise Amplifier with a passband from 118 to 140 MHz with excellent rejection of FM band. Within the Airband, the Gain is 20 dB while the Noise Figure is less than 1 dB. The RF Input has an ESD diode for static protection. The device can be powered using either the Micro USB port or with a DC supply using the two-pin header. The DC supply can vary over a wide range from +4 VDC to +12 VDC. Current consumption is less than 35 mA.

The device has a built-in Bias tee. It can therefore also be powered with DC over the RF output cable. Many software-defined radios have bias tee's on their RF input port that can be used for this purpose. 

Please note the following precaution: Since the Bias Tee is installed. When powering the device using either the DC header or the USB connector, +5 VDC will appear on the RF output. If your receiver does not have a DC blocking capacitor on its input or some other form of DC voltage protection, this voltage WILL damage your receiver 


It is recommended that the USB Bias Tee be used to power this module.





118-140 MHz 

Frequency                          Typical Attenuation

78                                                      -12
88                                                      -6
98                                                       0
108                                                    10
118                                                     20
120                                                     20
125                                                     20
128                                                     20
138                                                     20
140                                                     20
150                                                     14
200                                                     -3
300                                                     -25


  • The filter uses SMA-F PCB edge mount connectors.
  • Maximum RF input signal Level: +15 dBm