Bias Tee Operates from 10MHz - 7000MHz

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This is a Bias Tee that operates from 10 MHz to 7 GHz. It can be used to power remote LNAs or active antennas. The Bias Tee is rated to 250 mA. The maximum DC voltage that can be applied on the DC header or DC SMA port is +15V. 


  • Wideband LNA 10 MHz to 7 GHz
  • LED power indicator
  • SMA-F connectors
  • DC header



Frequency      Insertion Loss

100 MHz           0.5 dB

1 GHz               1.0 dB

2 GHz               1.0 dB

3 GHz               1.1 dB

4 GHz               1.4 dB

5 GHz               1.5 dB

6 GHz               1.6 dB

7 GHz               2.1 dB

Max Current

250 mA

Use the SMA port for DC power when you want to shield the supply from RF interference. 

Use either the SMA port OR the two-pin header for the DC supply.