Filtered GPS L1 1575 MHz Low Noise Amplifier LNA; 21dB Gain with Input Bias Tee

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This is a small, pre-filtered GPS L1 Low Noise Amplifier centered at 1575.42 MHz with a typical gain of 21 dB in the pass band. This product has excellent out-of-band rejection specifications, provides power handling of up to a maximum +10 dBm. The current consumption is low, at only 20 mA. Multiple power-up options: USB and DC header. Built-in Input bias tee enables powering of active antenna. 

Note that +5 VDC will appear at RF input terminal. This is only used to power an active antenna or another LNA upstream with a bias-tee. Please ensure that all sources connected to RF input are protected from DC.



  • GPS L1 signal reception in a weak signal environment
  • Rejection of strong signals in Cellular, LTE, UHF and 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz ISM bands
  • GPS signal processing 



PASSBAND   1575 + 7.5 MHz

Bias Tee DC Voltage Range = +2.5V to +5V

Current Consumption = 20 mA

Operating Temperature Range = -40C to +85C

Noise Figure < 2 dB 

Max RF Input = +10 dBm 


Frequency                    Gain

850 MHz                        -40 dB

1500 MHz                       2 dB

1535 MHz                       3 dB

1575 MHz                       22 dB

1615 MHz                      -25 dB

1640 MHz                      -11 dB

1700 MHz                      -7 dB


Note: The filter uses SMA-F connectors.