Filtered GPS L1 1575 MHz Low Noise Amplifier LNA; 21dB Gain with Output Bias Tee

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This is a small, pre-filtered GPS L1 Low Noise Amplifier centered at 1575.42 MHz with a typical gain of 21 dB in the pass band. This product has excellent out-of-band rejection specifications, provides power handling of up to a maximum +10 dBm. The current consumption is low, at only 20 mA. Multiple power-up options: USB, DC header and built-in bias tee enables device power up using DC over an RF cable.

Please note the following precaution since the Bias Tee is installed. When powering the device using either the DC header or the USB connector, +5 VDC will appear on the RF output. If your receiver does not have a DC blocking capacitor on its input or some other form of DC voltage protection, this voltage can damage your receiver. 


  • GPS L1 signal reception in a weak signal environment
  • Rejection of strong signals in Cellular, LTE, UHF and 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz ISM bands
  • GPS signal processing 



PASSBAND   1575 + 7.5 MHz

Bias Tee DC Voltage Range = +2.5V to +5V

Current Consumption = 20 mA

Operating Temperature Range = -40C to +85C

Noise Figure < 2 dB 

Max RF Input = +10 dBm 


Frequency                    Gain

850 MHz                        -40 dB

1500 MHz                       2 dB

1535 MHz                       3 dB

1575 MHz                       22 dB

1615 MHz                      -25 dB

1640 MHz                      -11 dB

1700 MHz                      -7 dB


Note: The filter uses SMA-F connectors.