FM Notch Filter with Low Noise Amplifier; Gain 20 dB and Operation to 3 GHz

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This is a Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifier.

Very often signals in the FM band can saturate your receiver and kill the benefit of a Low Noise Amplifier. This module has an integrated FM Notch Pre-filter that will reject strong FM signals and the LNA will amplify Airband, AIS, Weather Band and any other signals all the way up to 3 GHz.

The FM Notch Filter is 7th order. The maximum gain of the LNA is 22 dB.



The module can be powered using any one of three different methods:
1.  USB with the use of a Micro USB cable 
2.  DC header - a wide input voltage range of +4V to +12V DC can be used. Please note that there is no reverse-polarity protection on this device so careful with the + and - terminals
3.  Bias Tee - you can solder an inductor onto the provided 0805 footprint and provide DC over the RF output cable


Frequency (MHz)                Typical Gain (dB)
55                                                    22
75                                                    19
80                                                    16
88                                                    -20
98                                                    -36
108                                                  14
150                                                  22
200                                                  22
1000                                                15
2000                                                9
3000                                                3
NOTE: Connectors are SMA-F
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