FM Notch Filter with Low Noise Amplifier LNA 4000MHz; Gain 40+dB

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This is a Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifier. 
Very often signals in the FM band can saturate your receiver and kill the benefit of a Low Noise Amplifier. This LNA module has an integrated FM Notch pre-filter that will reject strong FM signals and allow the receiver to process Airband, AIS, Weather Band and any other signals all the way up to 4 GHz.
The FM Notch Filter is 7th order. The maximum gain of the LNA is greater than 40 dB. That's a lot of gain. If you don't need as much gain, we have a similar product with 20 dB of gain.


The module can be powered using any one of three different methods:
1.  USB with the use of a Micro USB cable 
2.  DC header - a wide input voltage range of +5V to +10V DC can be used. Please note that there is no reverse-polarity protection on this device so careful with the + and - terminals
3.  Bias Tee - you can solder an inductor onto the provided 0805 footprint and provide DC over the RF output cable


Frequency (MHz)                Typical Gain (dB)
55                                                    45
75                                                    45
80                                                    43
88                                                    10
98                                                   -27
108                                                  38
118                                                  45
150                                                  45
200                                                  45
1000                                                39
2000                                                31
3000                                                21
4000                                                17    
NOTE: Connectors are SMA-F