Low Noise Amplifier Filtered Hydrogen Line 1420 MHz LNA *32 dB* Gain LNA

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This is a 1420 MHz Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifier for Hydrogen Line measurements that provides excellent gain and noise figure. This module can be powered using a micro-USB cable. A two pin header pad is also provided so that a DC supply ranging from +5V to +12V can be used instead to power the LNA. 

If you're looking for a Hydrogen Line LNA with a built-in Bias Tee, please look here.


"We've purchased 4 of these amplifiers for our array of radio telescopes. With these sensitive amplifiers we can see the Spiral Arms of the Milky Way in a few seconds.  "

- Glen


  • Pre-filtered LNA operates at 1420 MHz for Hydrogen Line experiments
  • USB-powered with two-pin header pads for optional DC power
  • 1 dB Noise Figure 
  • PCB edge-mount connectors are SMA-F
  • USB cable not included



500 8
1000 10
1200 8
1300 24
1420 32
1500 31.5
1800 19
2000 6
2400 3


Maximum RF Input Power

-10 dBm

DC supply range

+5 V to +12 V

Images of LNA in use and results by Glen Langston at GBO