Low Noise Amplifier Filtered Hydrogen Line 1420 MHz LNA *32 dB* Gain LNA with Bias Tee

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This is a 1420 MHz Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifier for Hydrogen Line measurements that provides excellent gain and noise figure. This module can be powered using a micro-USB cable. A two pin header pad is also provided so that a DC supply ranging from +5V to +12V can be used instead to power the LNA. This variant of the product has a Bias Tee installed on the output so it can also be powered with a DC supply over the RF cable provided by the receiver.

Please note the following precaution since the Bias Tee is installed. When powering the device using either the DC header or the USB connector, +5 VDC will appear on the RF output. If your receiver does not have a DC blocking capacitor on its input or some other form of DC voltage protection, this voltage WILL damage your receiver.


  • Pre-filtered LNA operates at 1420 MHz for Hydrogen Line experiments
  • USB-powered with two-pin header pads for optional DC power
  • 1 dB Noise Figure 
  • PCB edge-mount connectors are SMA-F
  • USB cable not included


"We've purchased 4 of these amplifiers for our array of radio telescopes. With these sensitive amplifiers we can see the Spiral Arms of the Milky Way in a few seconds.  "

- Glen


500 8
1000 10
1200 8
1300 24
1420 32
1500 31.5
1800 19
2000 6
2400 3


Maximum RF Input Power

-10 dBm

DC supply range

+5 V to +12 V

 Images of LNA in use and results by Glen Langston at GBO