LFCN HFCN Filter Design Kit for Mini-Circuits LTCC Filters; 2 PCBs; 4 SMA-F connectors

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This is a design kit for Mini-Circuits LTCC filters.  Each kit contains two PCBs and four SMA connectors.  Each PCB can be turned into either a:

  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Band Pass Filter 


  • Band Pass filter 1000-2000 MHz.  Use the following components: HFCN-1000 and LFCN-2000.  Both these parts have FV1206 footprints and can be soldered into the corresponding sections of the PCB.  
  • High pass filter with a corner frequency of 1000 MHz.  Solder a HFCN-1000 filter into the FV1206 footprint and a zero ohm resistor into the other FV1206 footprint.  
  • Band Pass filter 3500-5000 MHz.  Solder a HFCN-3500 filter into the FV1206-1 footprint and a LFCN-5000 filter into the FV1206 footprint in series with it.  
You can order some LTCC filter samples from the Mini-Circuits website.
Building filters with this kit is super-easy.