Low Noise Amplifier 100 kHz - 2000 MHz with 30dB Gain

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This is an low noise RF amplifier that provides excellent gain and noise figure. The gain at 100 MHz is 30 dB while the noise figure is 2.2 dB. The LNA can be used in a number of different receiver applications such as Ham Radio, TV reception, etc. The product is ideally suited as a pre-amplifier and the USB power supply means you can power it off your laptop. 

The LNA allows for a range of powering options. A micro USB cable is the most convenient as it provides the required +5VDC supply. Other options are Bias Tee (see the note below) and a DC supply that can be varied over a wide range from +5 VDC to +12 VDC. 


  • Wideband LNA with 30 dB Maximum Gain between 100 kHz and 2 GHz;
  • Operational from 100 kHz to 5 GHz
  • LED power indicator
  • SMA-F connectors
  • USB powered (cable not included)
  • Pads for two-pin power header 

The LNA includes a place holder for a Bias Tee inductor required for remote operation. You will have to solder this yourself. Note that once you enable the Bias tee, you will have to take precautions when powering the LNA over USB as +5V will appear at the RF output. Some receivers and most filters cannot tolerate DC.

Here is a video of the LNA being used for shortwave reception

For a noise free response especially at lower frequencies, we recommend powering this amplifier with a clean, DC supply and not USB.  



Frequency      Gain

100 kHz           18 dB

1 MHz              25 dB

10 MHz           27 dB

100 MHz          31 dB

1 GHz              24 dB

2 GHz              19 dB

3 GHz              14 dB

4 GHz              12 dB

5 GHz              10 dB

6 GHz               6 dB

Output IP3

+27 dBm

Maximum RF Input Power

+13 dBm

DC Supply Range

+5 VDC to +12 VDC