SMA RF Adapter Kit for Software-defined Radio with 15 Adapters

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This is a set of 15 RF SMA adapters that will enable your Software-defined Radio to mate with various cables, antennas, filters, and amplifiers. 

The same adapter set is available here (without a box).

For instance, in the 2.4 GHz band, there are many antennas and filters that use RP-SMA connectors. To connect SMA to RP-SMA, an adapter is required.

The kit contains ONE of each of the following adapters for a total of FIFTEEN adapters.

1. RP-SMA Male to 2 RP-SMA Female (T adapter)
2. RP-SMA Male to SMA Female
3. RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female
4. SMA Male to SMA Female
5. SMA Male to 2 SMA Female (T adapter)
6. SMA Female to SMA Female
7. SMA Male to SMA Male
8. RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Male
9. SMA Male to RP-SMA Male
10. SMA Female to RP-SMA Female
11. RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Female
12. SMA Male to RP-SMA Female
13. RP-SMA Male to SMA Female
14. SMA Male to SMA Female
15. SMA Female to SMA Female