Low Noise Amplifier 10-3000MHz with USB, Output Bias Tee & ESD

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This is a tiny low noise amplifier with a built-in output Bias Tee and can be powered either by USB, DC header or DC on the RF output cable.

Any SDR such as RTL-SDR with at least +3.3V Bias Tee source can be used to power the device. It also has an ESD Protection Diode at the input to prevent damage.

The LNA can be used in a number of different receiver applications such as Ham Radio, TV reception, etc. The product is ideally suited as a pre-amplifier and operates across a large DC supply range of +3.3V to 12V. The noise figure of this LNA is only 0.7 dB at 500 MHz.

Please note the following precaution since the Bias Tee is installed. When powering the device using either the DC header or the USB connector, +5 VDC will appear on the RF output. If your receiver does not have a DC blocking capacitor on its input or some other form of DC voltage protection, this voltage WILL damage your receiver. 



• Wideband LNA operates from 10 MHz to 3 GHz

• 0.7 dB Noise Figure at 500 MHz

• LED power indicator

• SMA-F connectors

• Wide DC supply range +3.3V to +12V

• USB powered (Micro USB cable not provided)



10 17
50 21
100 22
500 19
1000 17
2000 12
3000 5


 Output IP3 @ 2 GHz

+30 dBm

Maximum RF Input Power

+17 dBm


1. When using the USB or DC header to power the device, the same DC voltage will appear on the RF output. Some radio equipment cannot handle DC voltage at its input.

2. Connectors are SMA-F