Tiny Ultra Low Noise Amplifier 10 MHz to 4000 MHz LNA with DC header

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This is an ultra low noise RF amplifier that provides excellent gain (20 dB) and noise figure (0.65 dB). The LNA can be used in a number of different receiver applications such as Ham Radio, Software radio, TV reception, etc. The LNA includes pads for external power and requires +3VDC to +5VDC.

Please note that the device is not reverse-polarity protected so care needs to be taken when connecting the supply voltage to the header. 



  • Wideband LNA operates from 10 MHz to 4 GHz
  • Suitable for use with software radio receivers such as HackRF, BladeRF, RTL-SDR, USRPx, etc.
  • 0.65 dB Noise Figure at 100 MHz
  • LED power indicator
  • SMA-F connectors


Frequency      Gain

10 MHz           18 dB

100 MHz          23 dB

1 GHz              18 dB

2 GHz              12 dB

3 GHz                8 dB

4 GHz                5 dB

Output IP3 

+32 dBm

Maximum RF Input Power

+17 dBm

Noise Figure

0.65 dB @ 100 MHz